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Trumpeter Swan?

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46 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

The bill and forehead shape kind of look like Trumpeter, but take that with about one pound of salt from someone who hasn't seen either species.

@Hasan tends to be pretty good at this kind of thing, though I'm not sure if the pictures are good enough.

I thought they looked like Trumpeter to me. But yeah.........I am just hoping it can be identified because I need both Trumpeter and Tundra for the year list. I am running out of time on Tundra too

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3 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

I'm with Trumpeter for these birds. Don't worry about getting Trumpeters for year though if there's any question on the identification of these birds, as they breed in a couple places around the state, but yeah Tundra is more of a winter/early spring migrant.

I'm not worried about trumpeter. I think I'll get that. Is is more Tundra that will be harder. 

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9 hours ago, Tanager 101 said:

So yes on Trumpeter? I can put it on my year list.

Are you comfortable with your id? After all it's your list and you are the only one that needs to approve it. I don't keep ANY lists but if I did, I'd be hesitant to list birds that I wasn't sure about, especially if I still wasn't sure after asking for help with the ID. That's just my spin on a list that I don't keep though, this is your list and you have to decide what goes on it. 

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