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Which Warbler? - UTRGC Campus, Brownsville, TX (Resaca Habitat near Social Flycatcher hangout) - 3/27/22

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Not necessarily arguing any longer that this specimen is different than an Orange-crowned, but looking at these photos, if one were trying to differentiate between an Orange-crowned and a female MacGillivray's, for example, what would one actually be looking for, apart from sound?  The bird above was extremely skulky - much more so than a typical Orange-crowned encounter, but beyond that, visually looks fine for an Orange-crowned to me here.  And, to be clear, given that they're much more statistically likely just about anywhere including this spot, I'm definitely going with that ID in this case.

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2 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

If I can't find features to indicate another warbler species, I default to Orange-crowned.

Charlie, after re-reading your initial response, it seems like a more than adequate response to my subsequent question.  Thanks again!

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