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Another North Texas Gull

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Had this gull two days ago at first light, it didn't seem quite right for the expected Ring-billed Gulls. Bill didn't seem right and wings appeared to be too dark. But I have been fooled by many variable Ring-Billed so this may still be one. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!  



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I always assume everything is a Ring-Billed in this area until proven otherwise. We have the usual push of birds from the coast headed north and a lot the RBGU's will run the gamut of worn plumage and color variations. But I always try to get pics of the questionable to me, birds. I will have a few more to post. Thanks! 

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17 hours ago, IKLland said:

Ring billed. I want to say it’s a second cycle bird, but I may be wrong on the age. It’s definitely a ringer though. 

This bird appears to have dropped p1, so it is technically a 2CY bird. First Winter works too.

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