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worm-eating warbler

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heard (and very briefly seen) in central nc a couple days ago

when i first heard it, i wrote it off as a chipping sparrow, but merlin was adamant that it was a worm-eating warbler. i only saw enough of this bird to show me that i cant rule out a worm-eating warbler, but not enough to visually verify.  hoping yall can verify (or not) that this trilling is a worm-eating.  i have additional recording if needed.


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5 hours ago, Hasan said:

This sounds totally fine for Worm-eating Warbler. If habitat was correct, behavior matches, and it is an expected species this time of year, I'd call it that. 

yes all other parameters match. i saw them on this trail last year, but it was about a mile farther away.
thanks, @Hasan, i appreciate it!

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