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Large white spots

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In Traverse Bay, Manitoba, 8 ft up a tree.  Size of a Blue Jay, or Grouse.  Solid Black (or dark) back, wings, head and tail, with the exception of large white, circular, polka dots.  Probably 8-12 or so dots, could be 4-6 on each side.  Chest solid white.  




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1 hour ago, von Humboldt said:

 I believe it is only immature sharp-shinned that has the white spots, so that would be my guess.

Both immatures and adults can show white spots on the uppers. The bird in this post is an adult.




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6 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

In the second photo,  there are a lot of white spots that aren't on the bird.

Although I agree that sharpies can show white spots, I think the spots in this photo are flower petals or leaves. 

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