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Those photos that you don’t know how you got it, or were super lucky.

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Got super lucky on this one. Saw the Jaeger harassing gulls about half a mile away. This Laughing Gull had enough & chased the Jaeger right over my head within about 20 feet. Best part was it was my lifer Parasitic Jaeger!


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Eastern Bluebird Male

The sun was incredibly bright and shining directly into my eyeballs, but I could tell there was a bird shape in the tree ahead of me. I zoomed in. I couldn't even tell from the preview shot on my camera because it was pretty shaded where this guy was at. So it wasn't until I uploaded and did some slight editing to this shot on my computer that I was able to tell- an Eastern Bluebird in Southern NM. Yay! He literally flew off right after this one picture and I haven't seen him since.

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