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Those photos that you don’t know how you got it, or were super lucky.

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Got super lucky on this one. Saw the Jaeger harassing gulls about half a mile away. This Laughing Gull had enough & chased the Jaeger right over my head within about 20 feet. Best part was it was my lifer Parasitic Jaeger!


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Eastern Bluebird Male

The sun was incredibly bright and shining directly into my eyeballs, but I could tell there was a bird shape in the tree ahead of me. I zoomed in. I couldn't even tell from the preview shot on my camera because it was pretty shaded where this guy was at. So it wasn't until I uploaded and did some slight editing to this shot on my computer that I was able to tell- an Eastern Bluebird in Southern NM. Yay! He literally flew off right after this one picture and I haven't seen him since.

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I generally ignore anything not holding still as I have had very little luck getting good or even okay photos of anything moving. This Dragonfly, however, was just begging for me to try it seemed. Hovering close but not too close right at eye level or just below I decided to give it shot.

105 (2).JPG

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I just got this one today.  I snapped it from across my yard, and the bird was flittering from branch to branch in the top of a pretty densely foliated tree.  It was so far away, I couldn't even tell it was a northern parula until I checked my camera!


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Brand New Camera, no clue how to use it, lying on my back in a wooden Boat moving around, no Clue what the bird was, the Bird never stayed still for more than 3 seconds...  also in shadow under trees, but somehow got a lock-on and took 4-5 incredible pics.  Green and Rufous Kingfisher.  I could have flown home after this picture and my whole trip would have been worth it.


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