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These pictures were taken August 20 on a hiking trail off of the Icefields Parkway south of Jasper, AB.   I had climbed up from the highway and was at almost 8000 feet altitude in the tundra.  I took pictures of two different birds.  Bird 1 was maybe 5 feet away from me.  It sat there without moving as I got my camera out.  It was close enough to get a good picture even with the small camera I bring on more strenuous hikes.  At the time, I thought it was odd that the bird sat still in plain sight.  It would have seen/heard me coming and once I stopped, it had to know I saw it.    I thought it might be a youngster too scared to move.  Later it occurred to me it might have been an adult trying to distract me.  In any event, standing in the same spot, I saw Bird 2.  This one was about 15 feet away off the other side of the trail and seemed to be trying to hide.

I'm thinking they are both Horned Larks and Bird 1 was an adult trying to draw my attention from Bird 2.  However, I'm not sure the pieces fit.  Adult Horned Larks are supposed to have a dark bib and I don't see one on Bird 1.  Juveniles don't have a bib.  But juveniles are supposed to have spots on their backs and I don't see spots on Bird 1 either.

Bottom line, I need some help on these.  Thanks in advance!

Bird 1:  The brave (or dumb) one.



Bird 2 (the sneaky one):



No bird in this picture, but the foreground shows the terrain.  Very little plant life or cover.  Looks good for Horned Larks?



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