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What is happening to the tail feathers?

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I saw this surf scoter April 1st at Scarborough Marsh in Maine.  It was surprising to me to see it there since I associate these birds with open ocean water, but I am new to Maine (and a not-too-experienced birder) and don't have much knowledge of the range of various species.  I noticed that there are bare shafts in the tail feather area.  In February, I submitted a photo of an eider with similar bare shafts (but on the wings), and responders suggested it was  condition called Angel Wing that can afflict birds that consume food that is not healthy for them.  Is this surf scoter suffering from a similar condition, or is this a natural phenomenon?  Could the issue have anything to do with the bird hanging out in a salt marsh all by itself instead of being part of a larger group on the ocean?  Thanks for your help.


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