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Bird calling from dense wetland

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I’d toss it in the other subforum for not North American birds. A majority of birders who use this sub forum regularly are Americans/Canadians, I think that’s safe to say, and most of us don’t know very much at all about birds in other parts of the world.

Some people who use this forum may also live in Mexico and/or have a lot of experience birding in Mexico and Central America. They might be able to help, but a majority of us here won’t be able to.

Some people will probably get mad at me for saying this. Especially since central American and the Caribbean are both often considered geographically part of North America.


But in the context of birding, “North American” is typically used to refer to Canada, the US (excluding Hawaii), and possibly including Greenland and Baja California as well. Personally I would also include the northern most couple hundred miles of Mexico since the bird communities there are very similar to the southwestern US (southern Texas or southern Arizona). Once you get several hundred hundred miles south of the US/Mexico border, I would consider that “Central America”, as the bird communities start to change pretty drastically and you get a lot more diversity. Like if you can see Bare-throated Tiger-Herons and Crested Guans and multiple species of Trogon, that seems a LOT more like Central/South America than North America to me in terms of the ecological community.


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