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yellow-billed loon?

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The checklist says 7PM... I wish people knew how to use eBird better...  because the pic says they saw it around noon.
We had thunderstorms overnight... still raining today...  this is about 30 minutes or so from here and, IF they ID'd the bird correctly, I'm going to get wet and go looking. I have kids coming home from their mom's in about 45 minutes...  I have an appointment here in town 4 hours later so the timing isn't great and, the weather is bad... but, common loon is the only one on my life list so I would NEED to chase anything else.

Over in Oklahoma there's a HUGE lake that gets a few extra loon species every year but I have not gone yet. I'd want to go when other birders were going... They tell me you almost always need a spotting scope(I have one but, it's CHEAP) and the wind has to be completely calm.
Man I was not planning on any birding today...

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I emailed a few people about it this morning. The eBird reviewer got back to me and said it was a common loon.
Someone later emailed me with more info...


I'm going with immature Common Loon for the following reasons - the culmen appears to be distinctly darker than the rest of the bill; lack of a discrete auricular patch; the plumage in the head/nape region is distinctly darker than the foreneck (YB Loon should have a paler head/neck with a less distinct transition between the nape and foreneck).

The reviewer's comment was short and it was right as I was about to pull out of the driveway. I decided that since I was already on my way, I might as well still go.
I didn't find any loon there but, a surprise cinnamon teal... My second ever and MUCH better views than the first time I saw one(although, the first time might have been a pair)

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Oh, it seems I still had the tab open from this morning with the loon pics... even though that list has been edited, the older version was still open for me. I'll close that in a minute but will add the pictures in question here... just for fun.



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