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Possible summer birding weekend in Orange County, CA


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Hi all!

So it looks like we might be able to go for a weekend birding trip down to Orange County this summer. We are thinking of going down in July(?), and I was wondering about where/when to see some target birds, or if you guys have any other tips for viewing:

- Mandarin Duck (TeWinkle Park?)

- Ridgway's Rail (Bolsa Chica/Newport Bay at high tide?)

- Black Skimmer (Bolsa Chica/Newport Bay?)

- Reddish Egret (Bolsa Chica?)

- Least Bittern (IRWD San Joaquin Marsh?)

- Parrots/Parakeets (Maybe a known roost?)

- Cactus Wren

- California Gnatcatcher

- Swinhoe's White-Eye

- Red Bishop

- Pin-tailed Whydah

- Orange-cheeked Waxbill

- Mountain Chickadee (Serrano Creek Park?)

- Common Ground-dove?


I think that I might be able to negotiate 3 days for birding, so any help on these is very much appreciated!

@IKLland @Connor Cochrane @Aidan B @AlexHenry@DLecy

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Mandarin Duck-Tewinkle Park or Irvine regional park. 

Ridgways rail-bolsa chica or newport back bay, high tide. This one is hard, listen for it!

Black skimmer. Another tricky one. Newport back bay. Park at the big canyon parking lot, walk about a half mile north on the trail, across the bay there is an island where they like to hang out. 

Reddish egret- Fairly Easy at Bolsa chica. 

Least bittern. Another tricky one, San Joaquin or laguna niguel regional park. 

Parrots. Irvine Regional park has lots of red crowned parrots and lilac crowned parrots. I know there’s a few Miltred roosts in Tustin but I haven’t found them yet. These ar worst try random. 

Cactus Wren. Deserty trails on top of the ridge at Irvine regional park. 

California Gnatcatcher. Newport back bay, or the pelican point area at crystal cove SP, in the sage scrub. 

White eyes are pretty random where they show up. A good spot is Huntington Central Park, lots of stuff there. 

Bishops are hard! I don’t have one yet, but San Joaquinis a decent spot for them.

Pin tailed wydah. Huntington Central Park, or mile square regional park. These are also occasionally seen in residential areas. 

waxbill. Huntington Central Park. 

Mountain chickadee. These are very random, a decent spot is vintage park. However, these are not here in summer, only winter.

Ground doves are  not common here. Only in San Diego. 

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