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Snowy vs. other Plover

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I'm pretty sure most would be in breeding plumage at this point, but even then, I'm still getting Snowy vibes. The black brest band doesn't connect in the center, making them more side patches. The legs seem very gray (I really don't see any yellow). The back and cap seem more gray than brown. The forehead seems to have the black patch of a breeding male Snowy, and there seems to be a dark ear patch. The bill also looks better for Snowy to me, but I can't really explain how.

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19 minutes ago, IKLland said:

The nonbreeding birds have dull yellow legs.

Far as I know, they should be into breeding plumage by now. Also speaking of the lighting, I believe the early morning, or late evening lighting, as it may be, is making this bird appear much browner than it truly is. Another thing to think about, is Snowy Plovers normally have a slant eyed look, while Semipalmated don't really have that, not that I would care to base an entire id off of that, but it is something to consider. Over all this bird does just not feel like a Semipalmated to me, I can't find hardly any reasons for it to be, and plenty pointing to Snowy. Not that I haven't been wrong before thought. 

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