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4/13/2022 Arkansas

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The sun was going down, not much light... was looking for shorebirds in some wet fields and stopped near a stand of pine trees... heard some calls and had a few birds just about fly to me. Not sure why. I had the sun roof open and I was sticking out of it(I drive like that on some back roads, sometimes) and a chickadee came down and acted like he or she wanted to come closer and closer. So, I talked to it... Then some other birds started calling. I'm guessing the chickadee's behavior stirred their curiosity? A couple yellow-throated warblers came out of hiding and then a couple of what I believe are pine warblers... very plain looking on one... wingbars and some yellow on the throat of one.




a different moment, possibly different group of birds


I can do a zoomed in version of this one if you want but I don't know that many, if any of the shorebirds are going to be easily identified anyway... This photo, I believe, shows a few different species... the group at the far right sure looks different than the others.
I know there were a few greater and lesser yellowlegs way out in a field at one point and a solitary sandpiper by itself in a field but everything was so far out... cow pastures... couldn't really get out there.



and then this warbler... it was so plain I thought it might be the orange crowned warbler I haven't been seeing this season yet...  lighting wasn't good and then when it was in a good spot for lighting, branches in the way... I can say a couple things... 1. In the first pic, the difference between belly and undertail seems pretty drastic due to a shadow from a branch, I believe... but in the other pic, you see the same color difference suggesting the undertail is brighter/whiter than the belly. I don't know if that helps or not. Also, I did use playback to see if it would respond to the orange-crowned and, it did. Flew to a tree above me where I couldn't get a good look... prior to that, it flew away from me every time I moved. It then flew completely away so I never got a better look.



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anyone else think pectoral sandpipers? I can see that as a possibility as well as that's something that's been reported nearby lately.
IF so...  just based on the pictures, any numbers? (ugh, just saw an oriole, I need to hurry this up and go make a checklist)

So... with the warbler. The lighting was bad, sun getting low but normally, I'd pick out a kinglet pretty easily. This seemed to plain at one point I was starting to wonder about warbling vireo but eventually I decided it looked more warbler-ish, especially the bill.
So, I just went through the pictures just to give this one more try. No ID is okay... I adjusted my checklist to say warbler sp. for now. I'm okay with that. ?  But, I had more pictures... all lousy... but maybe putting them together?

I believe this is all the same bird. This first pic, you don't see as much color underneath, looks more white...  another trick of the sun or did I somehow get more than one bird? pretty sure I was just chasing one.

The next two, I grouped photos and I adjusted the lighting a little.





Now, to go outside and bird...

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I was just looking at the online warbler guide and the white mark we see on the wing here just doesn't make sense to me. Is it an out of place feather? Or maybe a bigger white marks that's pinched to look smaller? Or? 
I'm going to send a link to those pictures to a local guy that's really good and see if he has any thoughts on the bird. And then, I'll give up. ha... 

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