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Chicago Flycatcher ID

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9 hours ago, TooFly said:

I don’t think it’s a Ruby...look at those primaries... I think Flycatcher. What about a least?


1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I also don't think it's a Kinglet.  The tail looks too short compared to the primaries, the breast appears to have streaks, and the eye ring looks to be broken horizontally instead of vertically.  Plus it just looks too brown and not gray enough.

Maybe the two photos in the same position, suggesting it wasn't constantly moving, should also have clued me in.  Thank you both.

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I'm not highly familiar with eastern flycatchers, but it does have a greenish back and small bill, which Least have, but the primary projections do look a bit longer than normal. I know Acadian Flycatchers have quite long primary projections but the bill probably isn't long enough.

As far as western flycatchers, I would say the one it looks most like to me is a Hammond's, as they typically have a fairly long primary projection (I've noticed the primary projection is about 1/3 the length of the tail starting from the secondaries... sounds much more confusing than it actually is), and a small bill and short-looking tail. In my experience Dusky (and Gray Flycatcher) are grayer on the back and have much shorter primary projections. The Pacific-slope / Cordilleran (and Yellow-bellied) Flycatchers can be eliminated since there doesn't seem to be any yellow on the throat, and, if I remember right, the grayish individuals are usually seen in Fall.

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