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American Tree Sparrow?

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I took this picture in Illinois yesterday in a woody area next to water.  It was in the morning.  Is this an American Tree Sparrow or a different sparrow?

Thanks in advance.


Sparrow -1.jpg

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It's definitely not an American Tree Sparrow.  Those have a brown eyeline, not black, a bill that's yellow-orange on the bottom, and don't have the black areas on either end of the rusty crown.

I'd like to call it a Chipping Sparrow but there are several things that keep me from doing so.  While it has the expected black eyeline, that line should extend forward of the eye to the base of the bill.  This one clearly doesn't, with that area being an unbroken field of gray.  Maybe it's the angle but the tail looks too short for a Chipping.  It also has far more black above the bill than I've seen on Chippings here in SC, but maybe that's a regional thing.  There's also the black and white streaking on the back.

So it's likely one of the multitude of sparrow species I'm unfamiliar with.  Definitely wait for another opinion.

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Just now, Charlie Spencer said:

Hey, what about the world's drabbest Swamp Sparrow?

EDIT: nah, not with that black bill.  Never mind.

I don't know about it being the world's drabbest, but it is a Swamp Sparrow 

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