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Salton Sea 2022 Part I

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Finally made back out to the Salton Sea last week (and got home to download my pictures).  These ones are all taken at the Sonny Bono Preserve in the southern part of the lake.  Checking on some identifications, others need help 


1) Common Ground-Dove


2) Also Common Ground-Dove?



3) No Idea,


4) Townsend's Warbler?


5) Gnat Catcher?


Thanks for the help, Next up- Shore birds


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1 hour ago, DorothyWesner said:

Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. I really love it. I am glad I found your post while searching for the -spam link- online. I really love birds and that is why I took interest in your post.

You may want to consider using a different search engine in the future @DorothyWesner. If your online search for "barber shop business plan" provided you with results that included Whatbird, there might be something wrong with your search engine. ?

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