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Palm Desert Last Week

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All these taken last week near Palm Desert, Pushwall Palms trail and the Cochella Nature Preserve. 

1) Hooded Oriole


2) Not great photos, but after the thrashing my legs got in these extremely thorny bushes, I had to post.  Yellow-rumped Warbler?


3) Same- bad photos, bleeding legs.  Black-tailed Gnatcatcher?



4) Say's Phoebe?


5) House Sparrow?


This next one is actually from the Salton Sea, but I still think it is house Sparrow. 


Last one, also Salton Sea and one of my favorites.  Burrowing Owl




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15 hours ago, Kevin said:

Didn't realize California Gnatcatcher was a possibility, I still think it is Black-tailed, but not totally sure. 

It’s black tailed. California are limited to the immediate coastline, not deserts.  It’s rare to see a California gnatcatcher more than ten or so miles inland. 

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