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I had to resist the urge to make a Monty Python joke, but we were heading out to do some birding yesterday, when I spotted a few swallows swooping around our little neighborhood along the Columbia River. I took a quick snap in poor light from the car, while the engine was on. We see Violet-green around here, and in the last week or so I've spotted some Northern Rough-winged about but in less citified venues. When I got the photo on the computer later, the white "swoosh" around the neck made me wonder if it was a Bank Swallow, which I have less experience with as a general rule. Tail seems too long for a Northern, but initially I was thinking Tree or Violet-green just not in breeding colors or bad light making it look that way.




Getting ready to get ready to head out again today, and I'll see if they are still around, but appreciate opinions. Thank you!

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