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Crepuscular call, southern Maine

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Heard this evening at 7:10 PM along a mixed wooded trail in southern Maine.   A buzzing single note call that did not sound like American Woodcock's peent,  although those are present in lower areas along the same trail, as usual for this time of year.   It sounded larger than passerine-sized and seemed to be coming from mid level trees near the highway.  In the recording there are 3 repetitions of the call at 0:00, 0:12 (the loudest) and 0:25.  I'm including an eBird link as well, with a fairly clear sonogram.   The upward inflection at the call's end to me doesn't suggest Woodcock at all.    Hermit Thrushes just came in but I don't think it's one of those either.  If it's a gray tree frog its call is new to me, and it was a blustery 42 degrees there with spring peepers barely calling, so that species would likely be dormant.     Link with the same audio, under "passerine sp.":  https://ebird.org/checklist/S107589564

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Thanks for your reply.  It was still light out, sunset is after 8 here this time of year.  To my ears it didn't sound like the typical "chway" Hermit call but it was somewhat windy and in a spot where they frequent in breeding season, coming from a tree.  You're probably correct but I'd like to see if anyone can second the Hermit ID? 

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