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Yucatan Hawk?

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So, there I was, after stalking a Gray Hawk that I had seen several times without being close enough to get any decent photos, it finally perched in a good spot.  I was taking photos and another bird flew through the viewfinder behind the Gray Hawk.  I stopped photographing the Gray Hawk and took a few of this other hawk as it circled above.  But I realized I probably wouldn't get good photos of the bird inflight compared to the perched Gray Hawk, so I switched back to photographing the Gray Hawk.  I only got a few shots of the high hawk, but maybe enough to ID the bird.  I've been going through hawk photos and have seen a few possibilities, but need help with identifying the in flight hawk.  By the way, the best photos I got of the Gray Hawk were after I made myself concentrate on that bird rather than the inflight bird.

Anyway, this was near Uxmal in the Yucatan about ten days ago.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!


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