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This is not my sighting but it probably 30 minutes from here... reported as Scott's oriole. I'm looking at it and the color looks good... But, I'm not very good with birds I don't see often enough and I've never seen one of those. Looking on eBird, I'm thinking the black should be coming down the breast a ways and it isn't with this bird.


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I was kind of thinking about an oddly colored baltimore or a hybrid.
I'd love some confirmation that it's a scott's...  that lady is in my Birding Arkansas facebook group so I might message and ask to go look. If it's still around. Google says 21 minutes, depending on traffic...

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3 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I'd call it a female/immature Baltimore.  Shape/proportions are wrong for a Scott's.

When I was looking at the species(plural of species, ha) online, I was thinking the scott's had a longer appearance than this bird.
But man, those baltimores... I've seen some in person that have had me scratch my head for their colors...
A female, going by "typical" Id pics would have less black on the head and the male should be more orange...
variation can drive me nuts. 
Bummer that it isn't a scott's... on the upside, I don't need to hound someone to let me in their yard and get dressed and go anywhere.  HA...


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