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Surf or White winged Scoter in VT

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Got these pics this morning at quite a distance.  I saw 2 male Surf Scoters in the same location, but this bird was swimming on its own quite distant from the males.  My sense is that this is a female Surf Scoter, but I can kind of imagine a white wing patch in one shot which might point to White Winged.  Another shot looks like it might have a darker cap, which would seem to point to Surf.  Unfortunately my scope is in for repairs, so I had to rely on these pics and my binoculars, neither of which had quite enough power.  Any help would be appreciated.i-dFF5ZsK-XL.jpgi-pSLpZHr-XL.jpgi-5kJLZms-XL.jpgi-xjH2Bd7-XL.jpg

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