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white-faced ibis

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Based on location, it is what's expected. There were two in a field. One was pretty easily a white-faced. It was larger, if I"m reading Sibley's right, that would make it male.
The other... in the field, I could not tell at all. The larger one, the white border was VERY clear in the field.
At home, looking at pictures...  I just want to double check.
Sibley's suggests that right now a glossy would have a more brownish bill. The bills on these two birds looked mostly the same... grayish.  Leg color was difficult to judge... they were a ways out and, I'm not a photographer 😞 
I'm leaning towards the smaller one also being white-faced but want to confirm or get second opinions...





They were fun to watch... wish I had more time


In the field, I reported to eBird 1 white-faced and 1 glossy/white-faced.
I will change it if anyone is pretty certain about that second bird. 🙂

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2 minutes ago, millipede said:

Why do I just think people will know I'm in Arkansas and... eh, I forget.
NW Arkansas, today...

I know you're in Arkansas, but people often post photos taken away from their home patch.  (Plus, others may not be aware of your locale.)

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