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Wyoming Sparrow

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This bird was found out at Chain Lakes Wildlife Habitat Management Area. It's miles and miles of sage, with a small wetland in the middle of it. We were hoping to find Mountain Plovers, but no luck. Last week, there were about 30 Wilson's Phaloropes out here, a Willet, Killdeer. Along with about a million Horned Larks and a few sparrows like Vesper, Brewer's, Savannah, Grasshopper and Sagebrush, I found this bird near the wetland.

Pinkish beak, pink legs, partially streaked breast.

It doesn't have the yellow of the Savannah, the markings seem too dark for Brewer's, it's missing the chestnut wing markings, eye ring of the Vesper, along with having a pronounced white eyebrow, facial coloring seems wrong for Lincoln's or Song. Baird's is probably wishful thinking on my part.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you, and glad to see the forum back up!




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