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Black crow like bird with white shoulders

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Hi, I'm stumped. We were in the Lake Glendale area of South-Central Illinois this past weekend, and I got a glimpse of a black bird that looked exactly like a crow, except it had two very distinct white patches on its shoulders. I only got a glimpse, but except for the white patches I would have just assumed a common American crow. The tail was not like a magpie and from what I could see the entire rest of the bird, at least on the top side, was all black. Now I'm leaning towards an American crow with perhaps some leucism, but the white markings were extremely regular. The patches ran horizontal across the coverts and not vertically along the body as in a magpie. Any ideas? Thanks! It's driving me nuts.

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4 hours ago, chipperatl said:

Crows can throw off some convincing white reflections off their "black" wings.  I had one that showed white patches under the wings, similar to a Golden Eagle.  I'm now convinced it was related to tricks of light.  

But also crows can have abnormal white in their plumage.  Sibley says "rare but regular".  (I've seen a lot of crows, but I've only seen it once.)

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