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Pine Warbler?

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I'm thinking Blackburnian Warbler for the first bird because of the dark cheek patch that connects to the streaking on the flanks.  But I am a bit puzzled by the very rounded cheek patch, the light head stripe, and the extensive yellow below.  Do you have anymore photos of this one?

2 minutes ago, cccougar said:

The streaking on the second bird is too strong for a Pine Warbler.  Looks better for a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

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57 minutes ago, cccougar said:

So Charlie you think also this is a Pine Warbler?  

Looks like the Pine Warblers I get up here in Lexington SC.

For ID purposes, please either post unedited photos or let us know what edits or modifications you made.  Also, don't forget to mention when you saw the bird.  Some species look similar but may not be in an area at the same time.

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