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I think this is a Veery, but one guide shows it's region being further north that Missouri (I'm in east central Missouri), another shows Missouri in the migration area. These are my crummy photos (which I was surprised came out at all). Any opinions/help?



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45 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

I would say Gray-cheeked Thrush-a Veery will always stand out as having a very redish back, which this one lacks.

Yeah, Gray-cheeked was my impression as well.  The spots and malar stripes are also too dark for a Veery.

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6 hours ago, Trevor L. said:

I agree with Gray-cheeked for this one. If I may ask, what area are you from? I'm in Missouri, too, in St. Charles County. Usually Veeries migrate through here in May, so they should start showing up any day now.

Thanks, everyone!

I'm about an hour southwest of St. Louis (Franklin County).

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