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Identify some birds in Costa Rica

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These new ones I spotted in an aviary but I am hoping are native to the area. Again appreciate all the help in advance.



18. https://imgur.com/YuRoiJ2
19. https://imgur.com/uuoHpSj
20. https://imgur.com/MLMA1hK
21. https://imgur.com/1i6V19P
22. https://imgur.com/G9Y1ApW
23. https://imgur.com/6kVdFio
24. https://imgur.com/9SJ33je
25. https://imgur.com/VcfARDD

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26.  https://imgur.com/a/bxKtYuW (Is this a bronze tailed plumeteer?)

27. https://imgur.com/a/O1GGtHV Is this a violet sabrewing?

28. https://imgur.com/a/j22DQsJ (definitely a hummingbird but not sure)

29. https://imgur.com/a/s6PilB6 (definitely a hummingbird but not sure)

30. https://imgur.com/a/0d8FOmC

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26. I think this could fit Green-crowned Brilliant better, just as there isn't much copper in the rump and the tail has a more bluish iridescence. I personally probably can't put a confident ID on it just with the back though. 

29 is a juvenile Green-crowned Brilliant. 

What was the location for #30? It's a female mountain-gem, and they have pretty distinct ranges to help separate them. 


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Thanks @Fancy . Really appreciate it. A few more domestic ones I got today... Appreciate any help.

32. https://imgur.com/ugv5eoi

33. https://imgur.com/2Sft04t

34. https://imgur.com/3IGXwtc

35. https://imgur.com/0ExoN2Y (some sort of finch)

36. https://imgur.com/MANbCD2 (some sort of thursh?) 

37. https://imgur.com/f4R8rFH (some sort of sparrow) 

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32. some kind of Elaenia... probably Yellow-bellied Elaenia, but I'm not confident on that. 

33. Black-and-white Warbler

34. female Summer Tanager I believe

35. Myiarchus species (a genus of flycatchers)... I personally won't be able to identify this. 

36. White-eared Ground-Sparrow

37. Rufous-collared Sparrow

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