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Merlin perhaps?

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Southern Ontario along the lake shore this afternoon.

Quite distant so heavy crops. Occasionally see Northern Harriers and Kestrels at this location but mostly Merlins.

However, this was soaring over the lake (the Merlins are usually in the adjacent woods hunting) so perhaps the wing shape looks quite different (the third image is more typical).

There were three the day before and they sent up clouds of the local pigeon population.


Hawk ID 1 HVT-7207043.jpg

Hawk ID 2 HVT-7207046.jpg

Hawk ID 3 HVT-7207055.jpg

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Thanks Creeker, I was wondering about the profile, reminded me of an American Bittern image I got a few weeks ago.

Yes, lots of good eating in the local harbor. The significant pigeon population took over the top floor of the disused grain elevator many years ago.

Interestingly, for several winters a Peregrine Falcon moved in with them. I'm not sure what the tenancy agreement was but I suspect the Peregrine had the best of the deal.

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