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I only know the sound it makes is like a whirring/whining engine.

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I've thought to start listening to squirrel noises.  So far, nothing close.

I've also checked all other animals in our areas to see if they make other noises other than the standard ones we all know of.  Deer, skunks, raccoons, possums, chipmunks, muskrats; nothing.  Skunks may come close with one trilling squeal they make, but it isn't the sound.  


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I've only seen regular grey squirrels around here, except yesterday I saw a red one on the way to church.
It could be a squirrel making the sound but definitely not frogs or toads, as I've heard the sound during the winter, too.  I've been listening to every bird call for every bird in our region and have been listening to squirrel noises as well but still haven't heard it.  I have heard two trucks over the weekend make the sound I've been comparing it to.  They were both large Dodge Ram pickup trucks.
I've listened to so many birds, I'm leaning towards a possible wren, but I am starting to think it may be a squirrel as well.  It is difficult to find the lower tone sound in a bird, mostly higher pitch whistles.  The wren is as close as I can find.
I'll keep listening.
Yesterday a bird answered the squeak of my breaks when I was on my way home from church.  That was kind of funny.  Thank you, bird.  Yes, I know it's time for me to get new break pads.
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