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These pictures were taken today at Elkhart Kansas in the SW part of the state. The bird was high in the tree, so I had a hard time getting a good pic. I am pretty sure that all these pics are of the same bird. Thanks in advance!FF8A8D39-BE4F-419F-A308-B1F1EA4D3F74.thumb.jpeg.eeb08ca399b315d112e3919729900adc.jpeg34217936-073F-498F-8563-530E67C4EDD7.thumb.jpeg.89e457f2a4a1d363f544a9aa7f7a6f5a.jpeg50474BA2-3FF0-47CE-AB32-210C70D92B7F.thumb.jpeg.27995e87694d8cd8a8187bf31a5b99fc.jpeg47A40F3A-6503-4F69-BFB1-7E60067BB4BF.thumb.jpeg.58e05bfb0b87068838a4315c04c9c162.jpeg55DF8555-E837-42C0-81D0-00EBC0FCFB25.thumb.jpeg.5f27a86174ae7519fc2bc22e38a2301d.jpegB5726CF6-642B-43EF-927E-4DD2E6139931.thumb.jpeg.bcf348afd8d527019d8e328e2830612e.jpeg

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