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Thinking yellow-legs - lesser - but not enough spotting and color of legs is questionably 'yellow' - lots of algae on feet (maybe legs).  Bigger than a spotted sandpiper - which I'm very familiar with.

Taken in Milwaukee WI - May 10.


thanks for your help



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Hmmmm ...  well - there certainly seems to be a consensus on solitary sandpiper.  Both NG and Sibley show much more streaking on the  breast and sides (edges of sides really);  and that kinda threw me; and there just aren't that many spots!.  I'm not usually stumped but this one got me! 

Thanks so much


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from a distance, spotted and solitary can be a little tough to separate... behavior can be similar... flight, flushed from one side of a pond to another, is similar.
In flight, the spotted has white down the wings and the solitary does not. The spotted has a good eye-line while the solitary has an eye-ring... the solitary can also have something of a two-toned bill... something I've not noticed on yellowlegs.
Up close I'm finding them easy but at a distance it takes a bit more effort.

All that to say I concur...  solitary.

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