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So, someone in the other thread(I wont mention names) suggested I not look at places that list rare bird alerts because it might cause me anxiety...
The only real anxiety is the should I shouldn't I when something is in-between nearby and way too far.
But if I stopped looking, I'd miss out for sure.

Yesterday on the OKBIRDS email list I caught wind of a limpkin in Tulsa...  that's 80 to 90 minutes away depending on which route I take, etc...
I asked about it, watched reports... had my kids at some appointments and had to wait til their mother picked two of them up... but then, off I went. Left NW Arkansas just before 4PM... 
Long drive... 80mph speed limit for a short bit of it... a toll...  then, walking down the wrong trail when we got there. But, it was there. It was a cool place... mowhawk park/ oxley nature trails. Found a yellow-crowned night heron not far off the trail(the wrong trail) and got some photos... prothonotary warblers are always a treat...
And that limpkin... at first it was just cleaning itself... eventually, it began to hunt. At times it was within 50 to 60 feet of where I was sitting.

It amazes me how many people chase "rare" birds even if they're not birders. An older couple walked up and the guy asked about the limpit.  I asked "limpkin?" and he said limpit again. So I asked "LIMPKIN" a little more clearly(I think he was hard of hearing) and he said he wasn't a birder. It took several minutes for me to point the bird out, while it wasn't more than 70 feet away, in the open but at the bank so it blended in some.
Anyway... lots of people went to see it... reports indicate it is still there today.
Nice life bird if you ask me. ? 
Now if one would just stop by this county... HA.

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