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Worm-eating Warbler / Vireo?

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23F42993-B94D-4400-867D-26A680E314EC.thumb.jpeg.01d31ed4c82b68f7490d5e6f35ad62a7.jpegE71B8C05-E48D-4217-BF5B-939983DE0764.thumb.jpeg.cd458ea07e21e4f2418692f6ea122812.jpegB2C14E51-AC78-4F68-9F9F-91DE466A30DA.thumb.jpeg.ab17175bc787aa26a7ca78fb38c08c39.jpegNot sure what this is. Pictures taken today in Elkhart in SW Kansas. My first thought was Worm-eating Warbler when I saw it through binoculars. I met some other birders who said they saw a WEW as well. Sorry about the low quality pics. Thanks in advance!

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