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Mourning Warbler

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I took these pictures in SW Kansas. In the binoculars the bird was yellow with a gray head. I assumed it was a Mourning Warbler, but not for sure.5775BA4C-6472-42E0-8B95-97ED26F91EE7.thumb.jpeg.a7f96611ef4bd83be691c6ca64e3c792.jpeg2D74F88B-8AA8-408D-B9A5-E48A3CA42A5D.thumb.jpeg.36882f182fafc08e78318b1c295efd78.jpeg64BE09C2-811D-49C9-A40F-6BF015E108F3.thumb.jpeg.814ffb3b24b925a3f344981bb0e83b5e.jpegFCAEA6FD-6308-4A16-843E-9E79A3EC9B30.thumb.jpeg.21e12268104464d1d576e93e96012755.jpeg It stayed low in the thickets and it was very difficult to take a picture. Thanks in advance!

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10 hours ago, Avery said:

I think SW Kansas is at the edge of MacG range, at least according to Sibley (it’s in the yellow). The broken white eye ring on an adult bird points to MacG

Yep, macgillivray's warbler



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