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New bird noticed 2022 in Prince William Co., VA, USA

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A friend and I bird watch off the back of her house deck all time; she backs up on a steep grassy hill that is at the edge of woods & a river. We have installed a large bird feeding tree, she has a large flower garden, and at least 8 bird houses I made for her, which are all filled (from Finches to Bluebirds). In the Spring, we noticed a pair of deep vibrant blue (whole body) birds, that we originally thought were a pair of the many Bluebirds she has visiting the mealworm feeder. But then they got closer and turned around and both birds were a deep vibrant blue. When they started to fly, both birds flew about 50 ft up and in a fast figure-eight formation, over the grassy field, at the edge of the woods. After about 3-4 figure-eights, they flew into the woods. Since then we've seen them on the back decks of her neighbors. I looked them up based on "Virginia" and the primary color of "Blue", they didn't really look like the options. We concluded if you take a "Mountain Bluebird", but made it all blue, that's what these birds look like, but the Mountain Bluebird doesn't come near Virginia. We'd really like to know what these birds were. We are hoping to get a picture soon. Thank you.

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