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ID for raptors in a suburban pond in Portland, Oregon?

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Hello all,

I have seen large birds over this pond for awhile but was lucky enough to get some fuzzy pictures today. They move very fast. The first 3 pictures are of a mottled brown bird and the 4th and 5th pictures are of a bird with lots of white underneath.

Can anyone tell me what they are? This is a pretty good sized pond that allows fishing and it seems particularly well-stocked with fish this year. Birds (Great Blue Herons and Cormorants mostly) and these birds are here often and they seem to be successful much of the time.

Thank you!






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The first one's an immature Bald Eagle with the big projecting bill, white mottling underneath especially in the "wingpits", and relatively short tail.  Someone may tell you how old it is soon.  The second one is an Osprey with the white underparts and head, dark mask, dark flight feathers, and black patches at the "wrists".  Nice birds to have around!

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I can't tell the age of the bald eagle for sure. But it's not one that just hatched and fledged this year. The uneven feathers on the trailing edge of the wings indicates a molt is in progress. This year's young would have a nice fresh set of wing feathers and a smooth edge.  My guess is one, going on two years old. A good view of the eye coloring would be helpful, the beak is largely dull yellow but still black on the tip. Beak and eyes can help when they get into their third year. 

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