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Marbled Godwit or Bar-tailed Godwit

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May 14, 2022, Bottle Beach State Park - Godwit

Marching along doing my Big Day yesterday, so I'd like to get a lock on the ID here. Today I'm doing a Bird-a-thon of sorts for Audubon Rockies, and I'm working to promote that on my Facebook page by providing a lot of photos with IDs and info on birds.

This spot is fantastic for shore birds, if you get there at almost exactly an hour after high tide. It goes from zero birds to hundreds in moment of time. Yesterday's highlight was 100s of Red Knots. The area just north in Westport has an area at the edge of the marina where scads of Godwits nest, and Bar-tailed are known to be in the group.

Another birder came up to me there and posed the same question. She's probably sitting at home pondering it still like I am.

I only got one far off shot, and I'm not sure if it is enough for a diagnostic. I'd normally err on the side of the non-rare bird, but hey, my motto (one of them) is "unlikely, but not impossible!"

Thanks in advance!


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