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Philadelphia Vireo Song?

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I heard what I thought was Red-eyed Vireo singing and decided to record it. To my surprise, the Merlin app said Philadelphia was singing. I must admit, I didn't even know what Philadelphia Vireo sounded like when I recorded this sample. I would normally dismiss this as a misidentification by Merlin, except that another well known local "birding-by-ear expert" reported Philadelphia Vireo at the exact same location about a half hour earlier. Philadelphia Vireo is apparently very rare in eastern PA in the spring. My question is, does anyone think Philadelphia Vireo is really singing in this recording, and what is the best way to distinguish it's song from Red-eyed Vireo? From yesterday, 5/14, in Lehigh County, PA. Thanks!

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Sounds a little off for red-eyed to me... But for whatever reason, sound isn't very loud on my laptop... so I might not be hearing it well.

I need to practice with those two more.
There are some that are easy red-eyed for me... others, not so much.
Was birding with a VERY good birder once and we had a philadelphia(saw and heard) and he described the difference in sounds. My memory isn't all that great but, I remember him saying that the philadelphia will have more broken up or what I'd call staccato kind of sounds to it.
I don't know if I am remembering that correctly but that's what I got out of it.
I've heard some that sort of fit that and they ended up being red-eyed.
Other times I can hear a definite difference and be right when I call it philadelphia.
They're frustrating though. 
Following this conversation in case any details are explained that will help me more. 🙂 
Hearing someone's description is sometimes better than just listening to a few recordings because a couple recordings and sound TOO much alike to tell apart, until you start to pick up the little differences.
Kind of like the visiual ID of some birds... They all look the same until you start looking at the leg color or if the wings extend past the tail etc etc...


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