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Tennessee Warbler - or Red-Eyed Vireo?

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At Magee Marsh Ohio.   I thought I saw a Tennessee Warbler, but others were saying it's a Red-Eyed Vireo.    I never saw a Tennessee Warbler, but I have seen Red Eyed Vireos and even in shade,  you can get a hint of red.   Plus the top eye stripe is blacker.

However,  I don't want to discount what others were saying,  as I might have been over anxious for a new bird.

Yet,  at the same time if this isn't a Tennessee Warbler,  then I have know idea if I really would know one when I see one.

Looking for any help on an ID please. 

Possible Tennessee Warbler 1.png

Possible Tennessee Warbler 2.png

Possible Tennessee Warbler 3.png

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