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Two Southern Ontario ducks.

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In the first one (Oct 19)) I am reasonably sure the one on the right is a Blue-winged Teal (although no previous sightings at this particular location), but I am learning not to be too confident. If so is it an immature male - finer plumage detail on sides and distinctive crescent, but no white hip marking?

The second one (Nov 6) may be a red herring. Sometimes I just take a series of images of the local ducks and check them later on the computer to see if anything interesting was there.

I didn't notice the duck at the back (out of focus) at the time and it has been puzzling me since. I suspect it may be a trick of the light although the colors are correct in the image.

I just looked more closely and it appears to be rolling over explaining the white sides but still a lot of white on a reddish head.

All suggestions and comments appreciated.

Duck ID HandC-7206639.jpg

Duck ID HVT-7207023.jpg

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The two ducks in the first photo appear to be Ring-necked Ducks (notice the peaked heads and solid backs).  In the last photo I think there are mostly Scaup (Greater is my guess) with a Redhead at the left of the group in front.  I suppose the two ducks on the right could be Ring-neckeds, but I can't tell (maybe someone else can!).  I'm not sure about the duck in the back.

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Thanks again Bird Nuts. What was confusing me was the blue and blueish white markings on the wings/tail which stand out clearly on the dark back. I had not noticed this on a Ring-necked previously, but maybe the lighting.

The one at the back of the second image will probably remain as one of life's mysteries.


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