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Pinnacles National Park


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Hi does anyone have any tips for Pinnacles, I'm going there this weekend with my family so no long strenuous hikes.

My goals, listed from most wanted to least are

- California Condor 

- Common Poorwill

- Owls

- Rufous-crowned Sparrow  

- Yellow-billed Magpie

- Lawrence's Goldfinch

- Canyon/House Wrens

- California Thrasher

- Warblers 

Thanks in advance ?

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Never been there before, but just did a little research. 

Here you go @MichaelLong

California Condor - seems pretty easy, just keep your eyes to the sky. Seems like they can be found most places around there. 

Common Poorwill - best bet would be listening after dark or early in the morning, they're not super easy. 

Western Screech-Owl - seems like you can hear them after dark around the Campground. 

Rufous-crowned Sparrow - Seems fairly easy in any scrubby bushy areas near the peak. Listen to their calls before you look for them, as they are VERY distinctive. 

Yellow-billed Magpies - Seems most common from the Campground downwards to Highway 25. 

Lawrence's Goldfinch - seems pretty hard, just as they always are. We're not having the greatest year for LAGOs, but the best bet is probably to walk east from the campground. 

Canyon Wren - Seems like they're around most of the trails around the peak, look for them around any places with lots of big rocks or steep cliffs. Listen for their songs, they are really loud and distinctive. 

House Wren - Should have no problems finding these in any riparian areas, or areas with lots of undergrowth. Listen for their song. 

California Thrasher - Looks like around the campground is probably the best area for these. Probably will run into them elsewhere as well.

Looks like it will probably be too late for any of the warblers, but might get lucky and run into one. 


Hope this helps!


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La Gloria Rd might be a good stop for some of the passerine targets. Bell's Sparrow, Lawrence's Goldfinch, House Wren and California Thrasher shouldn't be a problem there. Magpies are pretty common there but Panoche rd is also good for those. Panoche is great in the winter, but should still have most of the resident species now,

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