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East SF Bay female tricolored blackbird?

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Seen in late April in the way, way east SF Bay mountains, towards Paterson, CA.  A basic question - is this a (female) tricolored blackbird, as opposed to redwing blackbird?  I think so due to the level of streaking.  But wanted to double-check.

Thanks for the help.

DSC07946 - copy.jpg

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Female Tricolored Blackbirds very closely resemble female Red-winged Blackbirds of the CA Bicolored ssp., and at times they are indistinguishable.

This bird does appear relatively cold-toned, square-tailed, and the ventral streaking does seem to condense into a more uniformly dark belly. P9 Also appears possibly longer than P6, but I can’t be sure from this single photo. I think the suite of characteristics points to Tricolored. 

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