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More birding woes...  ha...

Saw a bird going up and down in the dense brushy area just 20 feet from my window. Put my glasses on(had just woken up) and saw dark gray bird. Size, behavior, location all had me thinking empid. It's gloomy this morning so it wasn't as dark gray as it appeared.
Got my binoculars on it for a few glimpses as it was fairly active. No wingbars... no empid... Was just wrong for any of those small flycatchers.
Then I got a good full side view... though brief... and there was a pale yellowish near the vent area or understail, just along the side I could see this color back there. My only thought was colima warbler... which shouldn't be here, of course... but I couldn't think of anything else.
Pulled out my guide only to see it wasn't in there. At least not mentioned in the index.
This yellow was not the brighter buttery yellow of a YRWA, nor was it confined to the upper side. Facial markings, well there were none... just plain gray.
What would be that plain, have a yellowish color back there at the back end, and not be a colima warbler?

I don't even know why my mind went to that species so quickly. Maybe my brain retains more than I realize. I've never seen one and have not really studied them much.

And... why is it that birds like this always disappear before you can get your camera? My camera was 2 feet away but, I lost the bird... 
I went outside a while later and used playback but had no responses. Of course my yard is so jungly in the front where the bird was seen that I stayed out back and to the side.
Some day.... I'll build my dream house with a partial second floor and a flat roof over part of the first floor where I can set up chairs and such and bird without ticks and chiggers.  HA

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12 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Late Palm Warbler?  Check the fifth and seventh photos:


Definitely a good suggestion. It all happened so fast but I don't think I saw even that much pattern on the bird. And, non-breeding plumage in mid May?

I think it will stay warbler sp on my list...  I don't enjoy that but, it's probably what's best.

I wish it stuck around long enough for a photo. Even a palm warbler would be cool. Wouldn't be an exciting new life bird but would be a new yard bird.

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