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what the storm blew in

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seen today in central nc

in a flock of about 30 semipalmated sandpipers there were 2 that seemed a bit different, but the pics i got of those are garbage 😞 that said, while going through my pics i did find this one. again, through the scope they all looked like sempalms, cept maybe the aforementioned 2, but i dont remember seeing this different one.  seems like 2 semipalm on the right... and what then would be on the left? seems significantly bigger and darker. 

thoughts? thanks!

IMG_6844 (2).JPG

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Posted (edited)
49 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Looks like all Semipalms to me. 🤷‍♂️


The left one looks different because of the angle.

ok. thanks! thats what the scope told me (which is a way better look than these pics! LOL) but id hate to lose a lifer or some odd vagrant by not doing my due diligence, so i come here 😄

i appreciate yall's help and input!

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