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NW Arkansas 5/22/22

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All sandpiper ID questions... or confirmations.

I'm thinking white-rumped here, maybe?

And white-rumped, more obviously...


white-rumped on the left... semipalmated? on the right? The one on the right, hopefully I'll get to other images of it. It stuck out a bit with a lot of light brown on the wing feathers...




This looks interesting


pectoral with an oddly placed white feather?

guessing this one just looks odd because it's a poor photo?


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4 hours ago, RobinHood said:

Interested to know why Photo 3 is not a Semipalmated - chunkier, shorter bill and no streaking on the flanks.

I probably shouldn't be on the ID forums late at night. I agree 100% with that being a Semi.

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any thoughts on the bird with the lighter brown on the wings? It's with a white-rumped in one pic and the wing pattern just is very different.

And then the one I say looks interesting, or something, I think might even be the same semi-palmated... shorter, straighter bill, similar or same color patterns on the side.

And then the last pic  in the original post. Can anyone actually ID that one with such little detail?

Part of me wants to go back out there with my water shoes(if I could find them) and my tripod so I could set up the tripod right from the kayak and get some more stable photos and video... especially of the TWO limpkins there... 
Was fun...
But I have lots of kids and lots of responsibility so I have to find the right balance with birding...

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