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Birds at Plum Island Eastern Mass

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  My wife and i were lucky enough to be at Plum Island this past weekend, with a large warbler migration ongoing, but I have not sorted my warblers yet.  I have attached 4 pics of 3 non-warbler birds seen, for which I am unable to provide an ID.

   The first is perhaps a female Orchid Oriole.

  The closest I can come on the second is Eastern Towhee but seems to have way too much red in the breast.

  The third and fourth pics were together on the rail of a fence - probably male and female - I think there is one pic of each.

  Any help would be appreciated.  I tried to match the pics to species others reported on ebird, but was not successful.  

DSCN2833 - oriole.JPG


DSCN2932 - fence.JPG

DSCN2935 - fence.JPG

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