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Help with some small brown birds in Nevada. (Poor quality photos)

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Both birds were seen in the morning at a soccer field near Las Vegas, Nevada. I took some very poor quality images through my binoculars. 

1. The first bird was small and brown had a prominent black bib as well as some black face markings that I could not get a good view of. From review of the poor quality photos afterwards it seems to match the black bib and face marks of a Horned lark. Can this be confirmed with such poor quality photos?

UnknownBird1-1.JPG.f2b5afd93e351fb270209e7146ce23ee.JPG   UnknownBird1-2.JPG.51eabb06695800b9aa423a4886ba85e9.JPG  UnknownBird1-3.JPG.714b62b1eee085dc679ea48ba01ceca6.JPG 

2. The second bird was seen a hundred feet away from the first bird and was with a similar looking partner.  It was also small but slightly lighter brown than the first bird and without any black markings. From the photo I managed to take through my binoculars the most notable feature was that its back feathers had more contrast with lighter and darker areas giving it a more "spotted?" appearance. 

UnknownBird2-1.JPG.4d23743e9528117247e025e4a77f325d.JPG   . UnknownBird2-2.jpg.f15936c8f66d4cad7b717d2a77f9b51e.jpgUnknownBird2_3.jpg.1280ddeeee39228423db285f835b4aac.jpg


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