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@Birds are cool Ah, sorry. I didn't take the actual photo used in today's game. I just meant that I have photographed the bird before. I started stating whether or not I had seen or photographed the daily BRDL in the other thread to add a little flair to my posts, and it carried over to this thread as well. Sorry for the confusion. ?

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birdie ? #49: ?????

I wasn't sure what part of the bird I was looking at until the fourth guess.

1 hour ago, Kevin said:

I missed this, and BRDL yesterday, what were they?

Varied Thrush for Birdie. NOJA (Northern Jacana) for BRDL.

@Birds are cool Sure. I don't really have many good pictures, though, because it's a very secretive bird and only a casual visitor to southern Nevada.


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8 hours ago, SirVive said:

Any tips on how to loose this game of being the first one after midnight to be up?   Trying to get at least a third one hour nap in the last 48 - shouldn't be too much to ask?

I wish I could tell you...if I ever give any advice on sleep I'm making it up and you shouldn't listen

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